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Date: November 25, 2017
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On today’s show, The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips interviews guest Dr. Suniel Jain, NMD, a renown naturopath physician, about an often unspoken—yet critical—aspect of success: good health! Dr. Jain has helped hundreds of high-achieving men and women regain vibrant health and mental balance, and greatly reduce ongoing stress and its silent but ravaging effect on our bodies.

Dr. Jain shares with listeners his down-to-earth, common sense strategies for restoring and maintaining good health. These are the same techniques that have helped The Mentors host Phillips and many, many more high-achievers, nationwide, to manage stress and health challenges—even those who spend a lot of time traveling for business, in airplanes, driving, and more.

Listeners will learn how to maximize their most important asset in business and life: Good Health.  They’ll walk away with strategies for good health that will literally change their lives, for the good!  Excellent show!

The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips is the co-founder and co-owner, with his wife, Mary, of one of the largest and most customer-centric stained glass window companies in the industry–Associated Crafts and Willet-Hauser. Their work includes legacy stained glass windows more than a century old.

Rotating hosts Tom Loarie, CEO of BryoLogyx and a pioneering CEO in the life sciences and healthcare industry, and Ric Brutocao, former president of DACOR and a business pioneer in several industries, round out The Mentors Radio show hosting line-up.

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