6-24-17 You Can’t Have Wealth Without Health. The Mentors host John Phillips talks with guest, Suniel Jain, NMD, about the connection between wealth and health.  You’ll learn a lot about keeping your business’s most important asset running at its full potential, and that asset is you!

6-17-17  Why You Need a Relationship with an Attorney.  Radio host and mentor CEO Ric Brutocao talks with Michael E. Flynn, co-partner-in-charge at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s Orange County, CA office.

6-10-17 The Art and Heart of BusinessMost people don’t think of “heart” when discussing business, but that’s changing. This weekend on “The Mentors” radio show, host Tom Loarie talks with Valerie Weber, Ph.D. on “The Art and Heart of Business.”

6-3-17  Finances Matter: Advice and Insight from a Seasoned BankerOn Saturday, June 3, “The Mentors” host Ric Brutocao talks with James Tecca, former president, now vice chairman, of Western Financial Bank about fundamental principles necessary to establish and ensure a solid financial foundation in life and in building a business.

5-27-17  Right Attitude, Right Values, Right Heart  For Memorial Weekend, on Saturday, May 27, “The Mentors” CEO Host Tom Loarie interviews Thomas Foley, Captain, Chaplain, USAF.

5-20-17  How to Hire and Keep the Best Employees   “The Mentors” radio host John Phillips talks about solutions to common human resource problems with Don Alix, a seasoned district manager with Insperity, Inc., a company that provides full service human resources services to complement small and medium business resources.

5-13-17  Bean-Counting and When to Hire a CPA for Your Business  “The Mentors” radio host Ric Brutocao talks with David Doran, CPA, managing partner with the certified public accountants and consultants firm White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP.

5-5-17  You are More Powerful Than You Think!  Shake up your thinking as “The Mentors” host Tom Loarie talks with three influential women CEOs and entrepreneurs—Laura Raynak of Executive Talent Scout, Heather Lerner, executive director of Happy Hollow Foundation, and Nola Masterson, a seasoned CEO, global executive and board leader serving on a number of public, venture-back private and nonprofit boards.

4-28-17  What Makes The Mentors Tick?  Want a behind-the-scenes look at the three remarkable CEO Mentors who host “The Mentors” radio show you hear each week?  Now’s your chance!

4-22-17  Effective Branding and Story-telling  CEO Mentor host John Phillips talks with guest Chris Smith, founder of The Campfire Effect, regarding effective branding and brand story-telling.

4-15-17  Investment Banking, China, Shortcut to IPO –  “The Mentors” host Ric Brutocao gets Dan McClory, president and head of China equity investments for Boustead Securities, to tell all.

4-8-17  What Pulls You Forward? “The Mentors” CEO host Tom Loarie engages in an eye-opening discussion with renown CEO advisor, prolific best-selling author, and Top Team and Board advisor Allan Cox on the innovative work Mr. Cox is doing with top CEOs and the results, as well as revealing who are his own key mentors and their impact in his life, the role of spirituality in business and much much more.

3-25-17  Think Bigger.  “The Mentor” Host John Phillips busts through commonly held, self-imposed and growth-limiting perceptions of business owners to talk about how to leverage third party resources to increase growth and employee satisfaction.  His guest is Don Alix, a seasoned district manager with Insperity, Inc.

3-18-17  Your Financial Foundation.  “The Mentors” Host Ric Brutocao looks behind-the-scenes of banking and discusses how to fund your business in today’s world, with Jim Tecca, president of Western Financial Bank.

3-11-17  Know Thyself.  Mentor Host Tom Loarie engages Joe Cavanaugh III, president of, in a lively discussion about the powerful, life-changing implications of understanding our own strengths—and the strengths of those around us—and how this one factor can dramatically impact our success, happiness and sense of purpose and fulfillment in life and work.

3-4-17  Get to Know The Mentors. On this lively and fast-paced episode the tables are turned, all of The Mentors are crammed into the studio today and have a terrific time as show founder and producer Karen Walker interviews them. Includes special guest, JW, a 26-year-old young professional soon to get married who has plenty of questions in the second half of the show.