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The Art and Heart of Business, on “THE MENTORS” radio show with HOST TOM LOARIE

Date: May 9, 2017
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The Art and Heart of Business, on “THE MENTORS” radio show with HOST TOM LOARIE

Valerie Weber, Ph.D.

Most people don’t think of “heart” when discussing business, but that’s changing. This weekend on “The Mentors” radio show, host Tom Loarie talks with Valerie Weber, Ph.D. on “The Art and Heart of Business.” The show airs Saturday, June 10 and 11, 2017, on the Salem Network stations KTRB AM860 San Francisco (Saturday, 7am or by streaming audio; and Sunday, Noon or by streaming audio); KCBQ AM1170 San Diego (Saturdays, Noon or by streaming audio), and is available on-demand nationwide on

Listeners will learn what’s behind Dr. Weber’s passion to teach and coach current and burgeoning leaders in the art and heart of business. They’ll learn whether new business owners or those who want to advance in their careers should invest time and cost into acquiring advanced business knowledge or an MBA.

Accredited by the Hay Group in Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Weber owns a consulting business specializing in coaching and organizational development. She also teaches business courses at the College of Southern Nevada and University of Phoenix and coaches unwed mothers and prisoners. Formerly, she developed and executed a Las Vegas Strategic Community Plan for the University of Phoenix, designed and directed the Education Collaborative of Southern Nevada that involved facilitating a consortium of public and private higher education institutions in the greater Las Vegas community, and she created a statewide government affairs strategy conjoining two University of Phoenix goals.

Dr. Weber also was an elected Nevada State Assembly Woman, during which time she served on numerous policy and monetary committees, on national committees with key leaders in other states, conducted Town Hall meetings, facilitated government classes at local high schools—discussing local, state and federal issues, drafted and lobbied legislation and worked across the aisle to promote nonpartisan bills.

Tom Loarie is one of three rotating CEO hosts of “The Mentors” and his pioneering leadership in the life sciences sector has resulted in more than 20 medical devices brought to market, some of which are life-saving.  The following week, CEO host Ric Brutocao, former president of DACOR and the head of a number of companies over the years will host the show, and CEO host John Phillips, co-owner with his wife, Mary, of one of the largest and most customer-centric stained glass window companies in the industry—Associated Crafts & Willet-Hauser, some of whose legacy stained glass are more than a century old, will host the episode a week later.

“The Mentors” radio show can be heard on the Salem Communications network stations KTRB AM860 San Francisco (Saturdays, 7am and Sundays Noon), KCBQ AM1170 San Diego (Saturdays, Noon) and On-Demand Nationwide on the show website:

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