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The Campfire Effect for Business Growth Revealed on The Mentors Radio, with Host John Phillips and Guest Chris Smith

Date: October 19, 2017
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One enterprising young entrepreneur, Chris Smith, culled his observations, successes, and down-to-earth life experiences into a powerful system for business growth. He calls it “The Campfire Effect (TM).” This week on The Mentors Radio Show host John Phillips interviews Smith about his innovative, common sense system for radical business growth and success…. Even better, Smith has fun on the journey. Nothing painful here! Just pure common sense, applied systematically.

In this interview, listeners will learn the critical importance—and the power—of what Smith describes as “telling your story well.” Attracting and engaging customers, marketing, innovating, rapid growth—all depend on a clear concept of “who” your business is, who you are. And not just you, the founder, but “you” the team and the business.

As Smith puts it, when your business embodies the power of The Campfire Effect (TM) —a feeling and genuine interaction of relaxed happiness, comfort, oneness —it creates “a true oneness and connection with your internal team, your partners and your customers.” Growth is rapid from there because there’s a focus and ability to create compelling and intentional experiences for customers, positive and memorable and meaningful. They’ll be back, and tell their friends. No question.

Some of the practical systems Smith talks about include: the forces of storytelling, the true purpose of networking, the stages of brand loyalty, and how these translate into “massive and sustainable growth for your business.”

The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips is the co-founder and co-owner, with his wife, Mary, of one of the largest and most customer-centric stained glass window companies in the industry–Associated Crafts and Willet-Hauser. Their work includes legacy stained glass windows more than a century old.

Rotating hosts Tom Loarie, CEO of BryoLogyx and a pioneering CEO in the life sciences and healthcare industry, and Ric Brutocao, former president of DACOR and a business pioneer in several industries, round out The Mentors Radio show hosting line-up.

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