JT (Tim) Fennell, SF Bay Area:
“I like the new show. Here’s an e-mail I sent out to quite a few people:  I wanted to bring to your attention a new weekly radio show–TheMentors– about the world of work, business, careers and life in general. It is co-hosted on a rotating bases by three CEO’s with impressive records of success.  You can listen to Podcasts at anytime after the live shows at the Link below.  You can also listen to live shows on Saturdays as follows: 7:00 am on KTRB AM860 (San Francisco), and Noon on KCBQ AM1170 (San Diego).  You can also stream the show live by going to the web page for these stations.  I have listened to the 1st two Podcasts and both are quite good and interesting. For example, the host of the 3/11 broadcast opens by discussing the recent SnapChat public offering that has gotten a lot of attention. I think you’ll be surprised by what he has to say about the SnapChat culture.   (And even the commercials are interesting.)” – Tim
Maribeth D., Hercules: 
“AWESOME! I just listened to your show and it was great. I don’t usually write these things, but what it did for me was completely unexpected and wonderful.  For the first time in my life, thanks to what was said on the show today, I realized that I’m essentially called to be the CEO of my 99 year old mother’s care.  It sounds strange because I’m not a business person. But the load that was so burdensome and confusing is now off my shoulders. I know clearly my duty and my path in this new role… and I can execute that path with ease, while still enjoying and being with my mom as a daughter. Thank you! You have a listener for life!!