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This weekend on THE MENTORS RADIO, all three Hosts of The Mentors Radio program —Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao, and John Phillips—each a successful entrepreneur and CEO in their own right and leaders who have mentored others to success over the span of their ongoing careers, get back to basics in this powerful episode… Learn more>>



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Welcome toTHE MENTORS” RADIO SHOW, where you’ll find first-hand, real-world stories, examples and discussions showcasing that ETHICS IN BUSINESS is the ONLY path to genuine success in life and business.

Mainstream media and college campuses drone on and on about “the evils of corporate America” and “the self-centered rich capitalists who start businesses.”  They  consider doing business as harmful to individual happiness, harmful to everything good in the world…Yet these same mainstream reporters get paid the highest of salaries, thanks to the mega-business of big media conglomerates.

And college professors line their abundantly filled pockets thanks to the hundreds of wealthy businessmen and women throughout the ages who donate to to keep colleges and universities afloat.

How many businessmen and women have sacrificed their hard-earned money to ultimately pay for the salaries of university professors or mainstream media reporters who couldn’t start a business for themselves if they tried and yet who condemn the business-savvy benefactors who enable them to make a living?

THE MENTORS RADIO SHOW does the opposite.

  • We showcase the reality of GOOD business.
  • We showcase sound business practices and ethical behaviour as the ONLY way to succeed in business and life; the only way to find fulfillment, meaning and satisfaction in work and life.
  • People before profit!

HERE, on THE MENTORS RADIO SHOW, you’ll find three remarkable, successful, and ethical CEOs — from three very different industries — who each week interview and discuss business principles, career paths, personal experiences in business, challenges and decisions with other remarkable and ethical business leaders.

This isn’t the book knowledge you get in business schools and MBA programs; this is Real Life in the world of business.

Why are we doing this? Because we want YOU to succeed at your highest level in whatever YOU want to do, whatever is your passion.

We want YOU to execute your dream using sound business principles and to make purpose-driven, ethical decisions that serve others…. We want you to be your best self and to realize that GOOD business is in fact a truly wonderful and honorable calling that can help many many other people whose path crosses yours along the way.

But don’t take our word for it — Listen to the show for yourself:  You can hear us on the radio in San Francisco and Dallas regions.  And anywhere, anytime, on ANY podcast platform (Sign up for FREE podcast here)

Call and leave any questions, at 844.610.TALK (8255)


The Mentors yucking it up before a show (above)

Ric Brutocao

Ric Brutocao

John Phillips

John Phillips

Tom Loarie