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The Oath, an award-winning Tim McGuire mystery thriller by Dennis Koller - (click banner)
Balance6 - (click banner) -- Book your free assessment today! Mention "The Mentors Radio" (FYI, our exec. producer is a client.. that's why we recommend first-hand results) Your Potential - (click banner) -- Best-selling Bulletproof products that help you achieve your goals (The Mentors Radio executive producer raves about these products!!). - (click banner) -- Beautiful nails you apply yourself -- REAL polish, including the Top and Base coats -- apply in 15 min, lasts for 2 weeks or more, comes off with regular polish remover. (Our exec director is a HUGE fan and user of these nails!! "time-saver, beautiful, lasts without chipping, and no chemical smell," she says.)
BetterCreditDeal - (click banner) -- If they can't save you money in credit card processing fees, they'll donate $500 to a charity of your choice! It's free to see if they can save you money! (YES! The Mentors Radio is a client and from the first month they saved us $33/month -- and that was just in fees, not including other charges!! HIGHLY recommened)

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