Finances Matter: Build a strong financial foundation – TM013

James Tecca

The Mentors host Ric Brutocao talks with James Tecca, former president, now vice chairman, of Western Financial Bank about fundamental principles necessary to establish and ensure a solid financial foundation in life and in building a business.  Mr. Tecca brings a wealth of banking and financial expertise, and a banking insider perspective, to the discussion, which results in learning invaluable resources for developing your own successful financial strategy.

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Bean Counting and When to Hire a CPA – TM010

David Doran CPA
David Doran, CPA

“Let’s face it,” says “The Mentors” business radio host Ric Brutocao, “financial management and control is the key to a successful business and a family life that is not constantly in debt.” That’s why Brutocao’s guest today is David Doran, CPA, a managing partner and audit partner with the certified public accountants and consultants firm White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP.  Recognized as a “Distinguished Business Leader” (2009), among other awards, Doran has extensive experience serving privately held, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses. His expertise spans several industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, business and professional services and healthcare. Doran also directs the firm’s nonprofit practice and he has worked with numerous nonprofit service organizations and foundations. Listeners to today’s show will learn valuable insider perspectives about financial management in business, how a CPA can help fuel company growth and when is the right time, and best way, to work with a CPA.

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Investment banking, China, Shortcut to IPO – TM006

Dan McClory, president and head of China, Boustead Securities

Did you know there’s a creative new shortcut to IPO? Have you ever wondered how someone gets into equity investing, or what’s going on behind-the-scenes with business in China?  Host Ric Brutocao gets Dan McClory, president and head of China equity investments for Boustead Securities, to tell all.  Listeners will not only enjoy the high energy and back-and-forth of good business colleagues and friends, but also learn how one man started and built a phenomenal foreign investment business—and what he learned a long the way that we can “take to the bank” in our own work and career.  You’ll gain insights on doing business in China, and you’ll learn about an exciting new opportunity for smaller companies to attain IPO.


Your Financial Foundation – TM003

Ric Brutocao
James Tecca

The Mentors host Ric Brutocao takes listeners behind the scenes of the banking industry and talks with Jim Tecca, president of Western Financial Bank.  In this episode, listeners explore the challenges and solutions to funding their business in today’s world and discuss how to establish a solid financial foundation.  In a nutshell, this show is about money—how to get it, how to manage it, and how to create a successful financial strategy.

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