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Horst Schulze on The Mentors Radio

Nurture a Culture of Excellence: with founder of the Ritz Carlton, Horst Schulze

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In this episode, Horst Schulze, the legendary founder of the Ritz Carlton hotel group, shares his story, passion and insights into building a brand with a name now known around the world as synonomous with “excellence.”…. even in phrases such as “putting on the Ritz” and more. The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie talks with Schulze about what motivated him throughout the ups and downs of the business and why “excellence” was so important to him; the distinction which ultimately led Schulze to set the gold standard for customer service and create one of the most iconic hotel brands in the world. Even more, you’ll learn how it all began with a dream at age five. Find Show Notes here. Listen to the Radio podcast below … AND PLEASE, Subscribe here to our FREE podcast—easily available on any platform and any device!

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