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Tim F. (Bay Area)

RE: 1-9-2019 Mentors show with Ric Brutocao interviewing Patrick Powers on the stock market, the economy, investing and looking ahead to 2019. This was an excellent show–one of best “The Mentor’s” shows of all time. I learned a lot and even listened to some parts of it several times, while taking a page on notes. I also sent out a link to the show to friends and family. – Tim F. (Bay Area)

Carolyn Hastings

Hi Tom, I didn’t realize you had a radio show. I was driving home late from a business meeting in Santa Clara and tuned in 860. I thought,”that guy sounds familiar”! Sure enough, when I got home I went online and it was you! Great show, great premise. I enjoyed it very much!


Dick Jenkins

“I love the show! I was surprised by the quality of the guests, subjects covered and the insights given. This was not an introduction to business 101 class, but rather an advanced education in business management. The concept of the show is great. Keep those podcasts coming!”
— Dick Jenkins, seasoned radio CEO and consultant.

CEO in the SF East Bay

“Just wanted to let you know that we recently hired a great new employee who called our start-up company to apply for a job after she heard one of our co-founders interviewed on the show.  WOW! Your listeners are really engaged! Keep up the good work and interviews!” —CEO who wishes to remain anonymous, SF East Bay

Arnold Flores

Great Show. Tom Loarie is a masterful interviewer with excellent leading questions. Ram Charan travels the world helping companies achieve platinum potential with his consultative business practices and stories. Best of all, we are able to obtain $100,000’s of dollars worth of business consulting through the microphone at The Mentors Radio. Wow. Great interview.

Tim Strader, Irvine

I think what you guys are doing is incredible! It’s very professional and I think you’re really onto something here. It’s real-world mentoring. I taught for eight years at the University of California Irvine. I had 30 people in class. These were second year graduate MBA students getting ready to go out into the market place. They were thirsting for real life, first-hand experience and insights rather than more academic strategies. They wanted real-world examples they could relate to, versus economic theory. What you are doing on the show is a tremendous asset for those who want to succeed in business, and life.

Mary M., Berkeley

Only caught the last half of the show on 2018 economic predictions. Just wanted to say thank you. It was so good, well thought-out and very common sense. I feel more confident in my plans now. By the way, you just got a listener for life — I’m checking out your other shows after I send this note.

Jarel S. Martin, Owner/Sound Engineer – JM Audio Services

The subjects discussed on The Mentors Radio program have all been confirmations to what I had been speculating about a business’ core structure.  To describe it in a few words, reality takes precedence.  Not only must a business provide quality goods and services, but it must also have professional representation of those goods and services.  In other words, Customer Service and integrity, especially when problems occur.  Never forget your team that helps to make the success happen – Your family, friends, employees in every department (no matter how big or small), and your customers.  Tough decisions do arise, but they can still be made with the utmost of integrity.  To hear these testimonies from other successful business owners helps and encourages me in developing a solid foundation for my own small business.  It is truly mentoring!

Sharon Peters, Walnut Creek

I just listened to your show for the first time last Saturday.  I love it.  I learned more in 50 minutes about where to put my priorities in growing my business and how to identify and focus on what really matters most than in a year of trying to figure it out on my own from books and well-intended colleagues.   I feel like you open up and tell the whole story. It’s all on the table.  You tell it like it is and bring the same out in your guest. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for… for a long time.  I can’t wait for your next show, I’m going to start digging through your archives!   Just wanted to say thank you!  Keep it up!

Tim Fennell, SF Bay Area

I like the new show. The three CEOs have impressive records of success. I’ve listened to the first two podcasts already and both are quite good and interesting. For example, the host of the 3/11/17 broadcast opens by discussing the recent SnapChat public offering that has received a lot of attention in the news. I think you’ll be surprised with what he has to say about the SnapChapt culture. I learned a lot. Even the commercials are interesting! – Tim

Tamra M., Hercules, CA

AWESOME! I just listened to your show and it was great. I don’t usually write these things, but what it did for me was completely unexpected and wonderful.  For the first time in my life, thanks to what was said on the show today, I realized that I’m essentially called to be the CEO of my 99 year old mother’s care.  It sounds strange because I’m not a business person. But the load that was so burdensome and confusing is now off my shoulders. I know clearly my duty and my path in this new role… and I can execute that path with ease, while still enjoying and being with my mom as a daughter. Thank you! You have a listener for life!!