You Can’t Have Wealth Without Health – TM016

Suniel Jain, NMD

The Mentors host John Phillips talks with guest, Suniel Jain, NMD, about the connection between wealth and health. Dr. Jain is a  naturopathic doctor and the founder/owner of Arizona-based Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics.  Dr. Jain specializes in wellness and healthy aging, and has been a remarkable influence in John’s life, and in the lives of many other professionals.  What is the interconnection between wealth and health? Listen to the show and find out! Business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit a great deal from this show. You’ll learn a lot about keeping your business’s most important asset running at its full potential, and that asset is you!


Get to Know The Mentors – TM001

the-mentros-on-air-1On this episode the tables are turned as show producer Karen Walker interviews The Mentors! You’ll get to know CEO mentor hosts Ric Brutocao, John Phillips and Tom Loarie in a way you never heard before, hear what motivates them, learn their principles for success, even some of their failures, and enjoy some fun exchanges. You’ll also hear guest JW, a 26-year-old young professional, ask for advice about career growth and life balance, and get some great answers. Enjoy!

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