The Art and Heart of Business, Tom Loarie interviews Valerie Weber, Ph.D. – TM014

Valerie Weber
Valerie Weber, PhD

Most people don’t think of “heart” when discussing business, but that’s changing. On this episode of “The Mentors” radio show, host Tom Loarie talks with Valerie Weber, Ph.D. on “The Art and Heart of Business.” Listeners will learn what this phrase means, and why embracing it sets business owners and their businesses apart from the competition.  You’ll also learn about Dr. Weber’s varied career path, her experience serving as an elected Nevada state legislator, and her passion to teach and coach current and burgeoning leaders in the art and heart of business.

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How to Attract and Keep the Best Employees – TM011

John Phillips

The Mentors radio host John Phillips talks about solutions to common human resource problems with Don Alix, a seasoned district manager with Insperity, Inc., a company that provides full service human resources services to complement small and medium business resources.  In this episode of The Mentors, business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how the right third-party human resource company can offer your employees attractive benefits that you alone could not have afforded, thus giving them yet another reason to stay and grow with you.

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Harness the Power of Your Story to Increase Sales – TM007

Chris Smith, The Campfire Effect

On April 22, 2017, CEO Mentor Host John Phillips talks with Chris Smith, founder of The Campfire Effect, on effective branding and brand story-telling.  In a fun, dynamic back-and-forth, this episode delivers practical, down-to-earth, immediately applicable perspective for your business, division, or your career growth.  You’ll learn why it’s critical that any business owner or division head not only understands every aspect—features and benefits—of his company’s services and products, but also be able to effectively communicate this knowledge to the users and prospective users of these products and services.  Without effective communication, especially through excellent branding and story-telling, prospective clients won’t know to choose your company instead of the competition.  During this episode, John and his guest exemplify The Campfire Effect’s proven successful strategy by leading—live on the show—a new, young business owner through the process of clarifying her brand and story. 


  • The Campfire Effect
  • Chris Smith talks about “The Three Cs”: Clarity, Confidence, Connection
  • Chris Smith talks about “The Five Forces” (you’ll have to listen to the show, above)