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Three remarkable CEOs challenge your thinking about life and work

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From Mattel Toys to Kids Meals

Ken Strottman

In this episode host Ric Brutocao talks with Ken Strottman, founder of Strottman International, a unique design and marketing firm that creates toys—from concept and design to final product—as part of powerful, unique, brand-experience marketing campaigns. His clients include firms such as Wendy’s, Lowe’s, and many more. Prior to launching his own firm, Ken was VP of Mattel Toys, but before Mattel, as he puts it, he literally started his career journey in the toilet! Quite funny. His journey—even his unexpected exit from Continue reading

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Nancy Duarte Reveals What You Didn’t Know About Creating Masterful Presentations

Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Communications

In today’s episode, The Mentors host Tom Loarie interviews Nancy Duarte, founder and CEO of Duarte Communications, the largest design firm in Silicon Valley and the fifth largest female employer in the area. As a multi-award-winning influencer, CEO, writer, speaker and author of three best-selling books, Nancy talks about what’s missing in most presentations and how to create presentations that engage, convince, and deliver meaning. We can learn a lot from master presenters such as Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. Nancy talks about this, and then delivers more. You’ll also learn some of Nancy’s remarkable Continue reading

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Sales: The Life Blood of Any Business – How to Master Sales Ethically

Jeff Motter

Host John Phillips interviews Jeff Motter, a seasoned sales professional and founder of Minutes To Sales ( In this episode, John, who is himself a master of ethical sales and putting customers first, interviews one of the most sought-after sales professionals in the country.  Motter cut his sales teeth in the toughest sales industries imaginable—time shares and insurance—and segued that experience and success into sales leadership for such entities as the Edison Awards, and many more. Smarts, good training, honesty, and an inner motivation to always “do the right thing for the customer” led to his discovery of predictable patterns of human behavior that has opened many doors for him, and can do the same for you.

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One Deal from a National Real Estate Firm – #TM019

Rand Sperry

Host and mentor Ric Brutocao interviews Rand Sperry, CEO of Sperry Equities and Sperry Commercial in Irvine, California. The two long-time friends dig deep into Sperry’s fascinating career, starting with just one real estate deal at age 20 and along the way Continue reading

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How to Grow Fast and Make an Impact, with Ram Charan – #TM018

Ram Charan

Renowned global consultant and prolific, best-selling author Ram Charan, Ph.D., reveals how any entity can grow fast and make an impact for good. Talking with mentor Tom Loarie, Charan shares his surprisingly profound observations from street vendors as a youth, the five basics to understanding business, and thought- Continue reading

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The Art and Heart of Business -#TM014

Valerie Weber

Valerie Weber, PhD

Most people don’t think of “heart” when discussing business, but that’s changing. On this episode of “The Mentors” radio show, host Tom Loarie talks with business professor and former Nevada state legislator Valerie Weber, Ph.D. on “The Art and Heart of Business.”… Continue reading

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Finances Matter: Build a strong financial foundation -#TM013

James Tecca

The Mentors host Ric Brutocao talks with James Tecca, former president, now vice chairman, of Western Financial Bank about fundamental principles necessary to establish and ensure a solid financial foundation in life and in building a business.  Continue reading

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How to Attract and Keep the Best Employees -#TM011

John Phillips

The Mentors radio host John Phillips talks about solutions to common human resource problems with Don Alix, a seasoned district manager with Insperity, Inc., a company that provides full service human resources services to complement small and medium Continue reading

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Bean Counting and When to Hire a CPA -#TM010

David Doran CPA

David Doran, CPA

“Let’s face it,” says “The Mentors” business radio host Ric Brutocao, “financial management and control is the key to a successful business and a family life that is not constantly in debt.” That’s why Brutocao’s guest today is David Doran, CPA, a managing partner and audit partner with the certified public accountants and consultants firm White Nelson Diehl Evans LLPContinue reading

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What Makes The Mentors Tick? -#TM008

John Phillips, Ric Brutocao, Tom Loarie & producer Karen Walker

Want a behind-the-scenes look at the superb CEO Mentors you hear each week as hosts of “The Mentors” show?  Now’s your chance!  Continue reading