Why You Need a Relationship with an Attorney – TM015

Michael Flynn

Radio host and mentor CEO Ric Brutocao talks with Michael E. Flynn, co-partner-in-charge at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s Orange County, CA office. Although the legal firm was recently named Top Ten in the country and Top 16 in the world, Mr. Flynn delivers practical, down-to-earth tips and strategies for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in living the best life they can.  Listeners will learn how and why it is so important to have an ethical, trusted and sharp attorney in your back pocket, so to speak. Mr. Flynn shares useful information to help listeners avoid potential problems with government agencies, tax authorities and the business community, how to recognize signs that indicate it’s time to give that attorney a call and get some legal advice, and why online legal resources may not be as sufficient as many think. Young law professionals will find interesting Mr. Flynn’s passion and path to a legal career, a profession he truly enjoys, not to mention the role his father played in his decision—a story you’ll have to listen the show to find out. 

How to Attract and Keep the Best Employees – TM011

John Phillips

The Mentors radio host John Phillips talks about solutions to common human resource problems with Don Alix, a seasoned district manager with Insperity, Inc., a company that provides full service human resources services to complement small and medium business resources.  In this episode of The Mentors, business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how the right third-party human resource company can offer your employees attractive benefits that you alone could not have afforded, thus giving them yet another reason to stay and grow with you.

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