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Howard Root CEO who battled the Feds for five years, on THE MENTORS RADIO SHOW

Five Years on the Fed’s Hit List: How CEO Howard Root fought the Feds and WON!

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In this episode of The Mentors Radio, host Tom Loarie and mentor Howard Root, former CEO of Vascular Solutions and author of “Cardiac Arrest: Five heart-stopping years on the Fed’s Hit List” , deliver a riveting interview. Hang on to your seat as you learns about Root’s harrowing fight—and win—against Federal Department of Justice prosecutors who abused their power beyond all imagining…. and based on, literally, nothing. No evidence. No case based in facts. No nothing! The Feds used bully tactics, threats and more, frustrated and trying to “justify” what became a massive, costly “hunt” for something that did not exist. The Feds trampled over individual liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. Five years after $30 million in legal costs and a UNANIMOUS acquital, jurors said they were concerned that these charges were ever filed. This is a modern day David beats Goliath story, and it could affect you! Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your company. Find Show Notes here. Never miss an episode of THE Mentors Radio –available on EVERY podcast platform — by subscribing here to podcast (free).

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