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314. What You Need to Know about Background Checks, Due Dilligence and Fraud Investigations, with guest Samantha McRoskey

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In this episode, The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie talks with Samantha McRoskey, Director of Research for Portman Square Group, about background checks, due diligence, fraud investigations and more. These investigative procedures have become an important part of the global business landscape, as well as locally, in vetting new hires, social media monitoring, fraud, theft, surveillance, reputation and ethics due diligence, risk assessments, counterfeiting, litigation support and much more. Samantha (“Sam”) is familiar with all of it.

For more than 10 years, Samantha has conducted and contributed to a range of complex due diligence, risk assessment, and investigative projects as part of the Portman Square Group team. Her work has spanned Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. She has also worked extensively on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act reviews for corporate clients working in international jurisdictions. She is a Spanish and Portuguese speaker.

Samantha graduated magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in English and holds an M.A in International Relations from Yale University. She also conducted research and studied in Mexico as a Fulbright Scholar.

Samantha delivers an insider look behind the scenes of these investigations, tells us what we should know about them, shares the kind of information they provide, and has some tips on how to pass any investigation without being “red-flagged.” She also explains the difference between what we can learn from an internet search vs. professional background or due diligence research. Did we mention she’s also a mother of five? Perhaps most fascinating of all, you’ll likely be surprised to learn that you will not be remembered the way you might think!

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