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315. An Interview with Paul Hobbs, the “Steve Jobs” of Wine

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In this episode, The Mentors Radio host Dan Hesse talks with guest mentor Paul Hobbs, dubbed “The Steve Jobs of Wine” by Forbes magazine. A third generation farmer, raised in upstate New York, Paul wanted nothing to do with farming as a teen and decided to follow his great-grandfather and pursue a career in medicine. He earned his B.S. in Chemistry at Notre Dame (UND) and was accepted into medical school. That’s the point at which mentors intervened, including his father, ultimately encouraging him to pursue a different path. Their advice made sense to Paul and he moved to California, graduating from University of Davis three years later with a Masters of Science in Viticulture and Enology. His winemaking adventure had begun. (see his BIO below for more details.)

Paul never looked back… He has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, the journey—all of it—tremendously.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Paul Hobbs, now celebrating more than 30 years in the wine business, became the go-to wine consultant to 100 wineries, and how he built his own empire of eight wineries on four continents (so far)! You’ll learn his “why,” his passion, and why he loves doing what he does, even during the challenges. He’s happy…and by example, he models a path, and principles, to help you find your happiness too!

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Paul Hobbs:

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