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Show Notes-Guests Michael Caples & David Wolf with Host Tom Loarie


Michael Caples & David Wolf:

 Michael Caples, Esq., is the principal at Caples Law & Mediation, with more than 30 years experience in labor and employment law. A seasoned litigator, including trials that result in verdict and class actions, and a highly trained, experienced mediator who is adept at assessing complex facts and determining genuine risks, Caples has a deep knowledge of state and federal employment and labor laws, and a passion for providing timely, practical and effective advice to prevent litigation. He is also a retired Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, with 28 years of service in stations including Iraq, Korea, Haiti, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. Caples’ ability to communicate clearly and effectively and to thereby quickly garner trust with all parties has earned him special distinction and recognition in his dispute resolution.

David A. Wolf, Esq., also with more than 30 years legal experience, has earned a reputation as a highly effective strategic thinker with a strong labor-management relations, employment law, human resources and risk management background, in addition to experience as General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel. His expertise includes employment law, arbitration and dispute resolution. He also serves as president of the Board of Directors for the Young People’s Symphony Orchestra, the oldest independent youth orchestra in California, and chair of the Bar Association of San Francisco Legal Ethics Committee, among other activities. LinkedIn:

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