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318. Learn from Cindy McGovern: “The First Lady of Sales”

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In today’s episode, The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie talks with Cindy McGovern, CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting and best-selling author of How to Sell Yourself: How to create, live and sell a powerful personal brand. She offers a wealth of practical, real-world experience and expertise in helping people achieve success in work, life, and in how to develop effective leadership and communication skills aimed at helping others achieve what they want or need.

Cindy holds a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Communication and a Master’s Degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Leadership and Ethics. Serving clients nationwide, McGovern is a highly sought-after speaker and coach with expertise in organizational change, conflict resolution, consultative sales, values-based selling, communication, management, leadership, sales management and collective bargaining. And the GREAT thing is that YOU get to learn from her immediately in this engaging, informative and inspiring interview!

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