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Date:       March 21, 2017
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John Phillips

On Saturday, March 25, “The Mentors” radio host John Phillips busts through commonly held, self-imposed and growth-limiting perceptions of business owners to talk about how to leverage third party resources to increase growth and employee satisfaction.  His guest is Don Alix, a seasoned district manager with Insperity, Inc., one of several companies that provide full service human resources services to complement small and medium business resources.

In this episode of “The Mentors,” business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how they don’t need to be a Fortune 100 company to offer employee benefits and human resource solutions that rival those of major corporations. Listeners will learn how to expand their thinking—and recognize they do not have to do it alone—in order to achieve a robust team and stability to achieve break-through results.

John Phillips is one of the rotating CEO hosts of “The Mentors” radio show. An entrepreneur in every fiber of his being, Phillips and his wife, Mary, launched and built a thriving stained glass company, Associated Crafts, from scratch while raising their family. It quickly grew to become one of the strongest stained glass companies in the nation, with a superior reputation for getting a job done right the first time, guaranteeing work done, and solving any problems immediately and to the customer’s satisfaction. Behind the scenes, the Phillips’ brought fresh, efficient technology to the centuries-old industry, which further improved already strong customer and in-house team communications.

In an interesting twist, a few years ago, Phillips was invited to acquire one of the largest legacy stained glass companies in the country, Willet-Hauser Architectural Glass.  That acquisition brought on unimagined new challenges and opportunities.  During the transition period, Phillips discovered Insperity, and worked with them to transform his company and take it to even more explosive growth.  Sales more than doubled in less than two years, and his employees now experience a much greater array of benefits than previously.  In Saturday’s show, he’ll give some down-to-earth, first-hand insights into what worked, and what didn’t.

One more thing.

“I bet I’m the only Mentor host who ropes up to 28 steers each morning before heading to the office,” Phillips quips.  It’s true.  As a professional rodeo circuit team roper, John practices heeling steers with his wife Mary, every morning.

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