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From Mattel Toys to Kids Meals, The Mentors Host Ric Brutocao Interviews Ken Strottman of Strottman International

Date: August 19, 2017
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Ken Strottman

Ken Strottman, CEO and founder of Strottman International was never one to be deterred by rejection. In fact, it’s pretty much the reason he chose to attend University of Notre Dame—as he puts it, “it was the only place I applied that rejected me. I knew I wanted to go there.” His various business and career pursuits throughout his life seem to have followed suit in some ways. Yet Strottman has enjoyed the journey and has nonetheless succeeded in business and in giving back in ways that far exceed his wildest imagination. This Saturday, The Mentors Radio Host Ric Brutocao engages Strottman in a wonderful interview that fully captures Strottman’s humble sense of ethics, achievement and good fun.

Strottman’s interesting and unexpected journey, to which only listeners will be privvy, eventually led to his becoming Vice President of Mattel and ultimately to the founding of his own company that creates compelling toys as part of unique and memorable marketing campaigns for top companies such as Wendy’s and others.

Listening to the conversation between Brutocao and Strottman is absolutely fresh and inspiring for anyone, but especially for aspiring young business professionals.

Host Ric Brutocao is one of the rotating CEO hosts of “The Mentors” radio show whose expertise includes past president of DACOR, partnering with and re-structuring companies in such varied industries as wine, baking, real estate and nonprofits, as well as starting, leading and selling various companies in the tech space. Several of his peers consider Brutocao to be one of the best operational leaders they’ve ever met and will call on him to help them out as needed.

One of Brutocao’s greatest passions is helping others succeed in achieving their dreams and finding fulfillment. Mentoring others is something Brutocao, Tom Loarie and John Phillips—the rotating hosts of “The Mentors” Radio—have done and continue to do, regardless of how busy they are at any given time.

Host Phillips is the co-founder and co-owner, with his wife, Mary, of one of the largest and most customer-centric stained glass window companies in the industry—Associated Crafts & Willet-Hauser, some of whose legacy stained glass are more than a century old. Host Tom Loarie, a pioneering CEO in the life sciences industry, responsible for bringing more than 20 medical devices to market, some of them life-saving, and currently CEO of Bryologyx.

“The Mentors” radio show can be heard on the Salem Communications network stations KTRB AM860 San Francisco (Saturdays, 7am, and Sundays at Noon), on KCBQ AM1170 San Diego (Saturdays, Noon) and on-demand nationwide at

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