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Tech Pioneer Steven Garner and The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips Discuss How Technology Can Be a Game-Changer For Any Business

Date: August 31, 2017
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Steven Garner

On this episode of The Mentors Radio Show, host John Phillips interviews Steven Garner, a brilliant and pioneering technologist specializing in open source systems. Their discussion focuses on how technology can be a game-changer for anyone’s business, regardless of how big (or small) a business.

Originally from New Zealand where he served as National Accounts Manager for Apple Computer during the 1984 introduction of the Macintosh, Garner’s understanding of current technology and how it can transform certain aspects of a business is superb. Since immigrating to the U.S. many years ago, he has consulted for many businesses, analyzing and integrating their information systems.

In 1996, Garner founded a municipal fiber optic provider in the Midwest, pioneering the deployment of optical internet. Since then he has assisted many businesses digitize information and securely migrate systems to open source, cloud-based technologies. Through his focus on open source systems, Garner helps organizations contain their costs with customized solutions that yield industrial strength and reliability.

Perhaps the best thing about Garner, however, is that he makes technology—and what it can do for a business—understandable to non-techies… AND, he is blessed with an inspiringly innovative mind. The show is sure to not only engage, but also generate new ideas for listeners in business.

The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips is the co-founder and co-owner, with his wife, Mary, of one of the largest and most customer-centric stained glass window companies in the industry–Associated Crafts and Willet-Hauser. Their work includes legacy stained glass windows more than a century old.

Rotating hosts Tom Loarie, CEO of BryoLogyx and a pioneering CEO in the life sciences and healthcare industry, and Ric Brutocao, former president of DACOR and a business pioneer in several industries, round out The Mentors Radio show hosting line-up.

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