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The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie talks with Innovator Joe Cavanaugh on How to Find Strengths and Unique Purpose in Life

Date: October 26, 2017
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photo of Joe Cavanaugh III

Joe Cavanaugh III

This weekend “The Mentors” radio host Tom Loarie discusses the power and life-changing impact of knowing and building on personal and corporate strengths as he talks with his guest Joe Cavanaugh, III, president of Equip2Equip. Equip2Equip is a life and career training coaching company dedicated to equipping leaders to successfully equip those whom they lead.

An expert in strengths-based management and a master coach and trainer in MCORE, VIA, Paterson Center LifePlans for individuals and StratOp for organizations, Cavanaugh has coached more than 5,000 individuals throughout North America and around the world, with remarkable success.

In this episode, listeners will learn how to discover authentic strengths and motivations of individuals, teams and organizations. They’ll also learn why this is an important exercise that enables individuals, teams and organizations fulfill their unique purpose. This is what Cavanaugh would call “being equipped.” The process removes and addresses obstacles and helps teams and people take their performance to the next level.

The strength-finding process develop by Cavanaugh’s team serves as a proven roadmap to achieving your—or a company or organization’s—dreams and goals.

Loarie is one of three rotating CEO hosts of The Mentors Radio. His pioneering leadership in the life sciences sector has resulted in more than 20 medical devices brought to market, some of which are life-saving.  The following week, host Ric Brutocao, former president of DACOR and the head of a number of companies over the years will host the show, and host John Phillips, co-owner with his wife, Mary, of one of the largest and most customer-centric stained glass window companies in the industry–Associated Crafts & Willet-Hauser, some of whose legacy stained glass are more than a century old, will host the next episode after Ric.

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