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The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips interviews Jeff Motter about How to Sell Ethically and Successfully

Jeff Motter

THE MENTORS radio host John Phillips, CEO and co-founder with his wife, Mary, of Associated Crafts & Willet-Hauser stained glass windows interviews Jeff Motter, a seasoned sales professional and founder of Minutes To Sales (, on the next episode of THE MENTORS.

A genuine understanding of sales is critical for any business to

succeed; it’s the life-blood of business.  As pioneering sales woman and innovative entrepreneur Mary Kay, of Mary Kay Inc, often said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something!”

That said, there’s a radical distinction between selling for yourself and your own profit, and instead selling with a focus and priority placed on what’s good for the other person or company, the buyer.  THE MENTORS radio interview will inspire and give hope, tips and tools—and even resources—to those in sales who want to serve others with integrity and honesty as they increase their success.

John Phillips

In this episode, John, who is himself a master of ethical sales and putting customers first, interviews one of the most sought-after sales professionals in the country.  After all, Motter cut his sales teeth in the toughest sales industries imaginable—time shares and insurance—and segued that experience and success into sales leadership for such entities as the Edison Awards, and many more. Smarts, good training, honesty, and an inner motivation to always “do the right thing for the customer” led to his discovery of predictable patterns of human behavior that has opened many doors for him, and can do the same for any listener.

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