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Date: February 1, 2018
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The Mentors Radio host Ric Brutocao talks with pioneering ER doctor Gregory Moreno MD

Gregory Moreno, M.D.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) labeled this flu season “severe to moderate.” But if you caught the severe version of flu floating around this year, you might roll your eyes at “moderate.” Fever, Chills, Pain in every part of your body and coughing. Endless coughing. Surprising and sudden flu-caused deaths include many otherwise super fit and healthy individuals, regardless of flu shot.

On the upcoming episode of THE MENTORS RADIO show, host Ric Brutocao talks with pioneering, board certified ER doctor Gregory Moreno, MD, founder of the innovative MedHero Urgent Care Clinic about “Urgent Cares, The Flu and You.”

Host Ric Brutocao is one of the rotating CEO hosts of “The Mentors” radio show whose expertise includes past president of DACOR, partnering with and re-structuring companies in such varied industries as wine, baking, real estate and nonprofits, as well as starting, leading and selling various companies in the tech space. More than that, Brutocao puts good ethics and people first, and he has mentored others to success throughout his career.

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