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A Life of Gratitude: From Gangs to Gratitude

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The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie today talks with legendary San Quentin Death Row Chaplain, the Rev. Earl Smith. Rev. Smith has been on our show before, but in case you didn’t notice it in his interview, we replay it for you today – Thanksgiving Weekend – because every part of his life and story echoes a life of Gratitude.

Even though his father was a preacher, Earl Smith chose a different path, for reasons you’ll hear in the interview. Got involved in gangs, in drug selling, and… eventually… was shot 6 times and left for dead.

That’s when a real-life miracle happened. He survived, but it wasn’t thought he’d pull through in the hospital. The miracle took place in the hospital — nothing outstanding or “showy,” but rather something interior, something deep, something he knew without doubt was beyond this world, which he credits to the prayers and faith of his father.

You’ll learn about all this and more — the surprising way he became the youngest Death Row chaplain EVER in history, the common sense ways he’s influenced and impacted inmates on Death Row as well a other prison chaplains… And more — Rev. Earl Smith is also the Chaplain of two well-known pro-sports teams the San Francisco Bay Area—the Golden State Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers. You’ll learn how he’s used his breadth of listening experience and prayerful wisdom to build and, in a sense, cross-polinate between pro athletes and Death Row criminals such fledgling virtues as Hope, Gratitude, Focus, Humility and a sense of Higher Purpose.

Don’t miss the personal story, journey and insights of Rev. Earl Smith as he talks with The Mentors Host Tom Loarie! Find Show Notes here. Listen to the radio podcast below. Listen on ANY podcast platform, on ANY device, including TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc. etc, — Chose your podcast platform here.

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