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Michael Collopy on The Mentors Radio

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: Famed Photographer Michael Collopy talks about his photography and his business

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In this episode of The Mentors Radio, host Tom Loarie talks with famed photographer Michael Collopy about his renown portrait photos, his business, and the art of telling someone’s story — speaking “a thousand words” — through photography. Collopy tells his experience learning from and working with Ansel Adams, how he grew his business and continually listened and improved, plus how he embraced opportunities and persevered through challenges. For Collopy, it’s not mere “technique,” instead you’ll hear how humility and continually sharpening his ability to listen, observe and receive the subject of his photography is an ongoing learning for him, and essential to his award-winning achievements with the camera. Artist and entrepreneur, what are his tips for success?

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