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Liz Wiseman on The Mentors Radio with host Tom Loarie

Are Impact Players Unique to Sports? Are They In All Aspects of Life? Are You One? Guest Liz Wiseman Talks about Impact Players on The Mentors Radio, with Host Tom Loarie

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Sportscasters talk about “impact players,” those who really stand out in their athleticism and also their character, who make a team perform at their peak, take the lead, bring it home. But impact players don’t just exist in the realm of sports. They’re in every aspect of our lives, career and business.

Renown leadership coach, best-selling author and today’s Guest Mentor Liz Wiseman, talks with The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie about impact players, what sets them apart, what motivates them, the rewards they receive that keep them top of their game, and how you and I can become impact players in our own way and in our own environment at work, home and play.

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