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Exploring “the Christmas spirit” and the deeper context and impact of my personal choices, even in the workplace

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The Mentors host Ric Brutacao calls this his “Christmas Special edition” show, but it really isn’t about Christmas per se. Instead, it’s about the behavior of human beings during the month-long season at the end of the year where we mostly—even in the workplace and boardrooms—tend to show more than typical concern and love for our fellow man, gather in fellowship and celebration, and bear gifts for all, including those who may be poor, suffering, or feel forgotten. And this year end “spirit” even happens among those who are not practicing Christians. So, what’s going on here anyway, why do human behavior and decisions in the workplace seem to change for the better during the end of the year— and why can’t it last all year… or can it?  Ric’s guest, Monsignor John Urell, by virtue of his vocation as a Catholic priest of more than 40 years and a seasoned pastor, is a long-time student of human behavior in its myriad of complexities, personalities, habits and circumstances. He is quick to see familiar patterns of behavior, yet also perceptive in recognizing and addressing the uniqueness of each individual seeking advice or guidance. Over the years, Msgr, Urell has become Ric’s long-time spiritual advisor, pastor and close friend, which brings an openness and candor to their on-air discussion. You’ll be challenged in your thinking about various levels of human interaction — including in the workplace — and about such topics as forgiveness, healing, hope, redemption, risk management, the Natural Law, humans behaving badly (or not), the deepest source of sanity, and the life-changing power of daily meditation.  The discussion speaks to men and women of all faiths and to those no specified faith and, like all our episodes, it’s guaranteed to challenge YOUR thinking about life and work… ENJOY!

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