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Dick Lyles CEO Origin Entertainment on The Mentors Radio show

CEO of Hollywood Film Production Company talks with Host Ric Brutocao on Leadership, Ethics, Offering High Value products

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In today’s episode of The Mentors Radio, Origin Entertainment CEO and executive film producer Dick Lyles talks with Host Ric Brutocao about lessons he learned from serving in the U.S. Navy, training in leadership development, launching and running his own business and, now, serving as CEO of Origin Entertainment, an award-winning Hollywood film production company. Lyles addresses overcoming challenges, the power of sticking to ethical principles no matter what, and he gives us an insider look at what it’s like to run an award-winning film studio. He also talks about wisdom gained over the years from others and from first-hand experience. Listen to the live show podcast below, Find Show Notes here, and be sure to subscribe to the FREE show podcast on any platform you want, here.

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