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Clint Severson on The Mentors Radio show

Clint Severson: From bleeding cash to $2 Billion acquisition

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This weekend guest mentor Clint Severson shares hard-earned secrets gained from radically transforming a publicly traded company that was in a death spiral, bleeding cash and failing fast, into a $2 billion acquision. Host Tom Loarie ferrets out how Clint built a high-performance team in the rough and tumble healthcare diagnostics field. Clint joined a young, publicly-held Abaxis Inc. when it was losing money on $6 million in sales. His focus on company culture and well-crafted compensation programs transformed the failing company into an empowered team that — over the next 22 years — radically grew to become a major success story. Abaxis was acquired in 2018 for $2 billion by Zoetis.  Hear the inside transformation story first-hand… Find Show Notes here. Listen below or by podcast on any device here.

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