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Guest Dan Rink with host Tom Loarie – show notes

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Powerful tools and strategies developed by Dan Rink, a seasoned career transition coach who has helped literally thousands of people achieve and exceed their expectations in career transition and job search.  These tools have received rave reviews from clients, recruiters and hiring managers:

  • The Talent Table (Talents & Teams Tutorial here), a foundational tool to help you get very clear about what you do well, what you want to do again, and what you can document with accomplishments
  • Knowledge Edge Strategy, use this to do targeted internet research and reading to enhance your core competencies, experience and interview stories
  • Networking Dialog, use in any social situation (even the elevator) to engage someone, make a memorable impression, and expand your network of contacts

Put together a Success Team.  A team consists of 5-7 people, each sets forth their individual goals, agree to meet weekly or at regular intervals to help each other achieve goals, doing whatever it takes — review documents, give feedback, advice, encouragement — for each other and celebrate progress

One thing necessary to more forward with your life:  Take Charge!

Contact Dan Rink: Send a note to The Mentors Radio with the subject “Dan Rink”

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