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Don’t ignore your most important business asset: good health

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What would you rather have, good health or great wealth? On our way to building wealth we don’t have to sacrifice health andin this episode The Mentors host John Phillips talks with guest mentor Suniel Jain, NMD about the amazing benefits of maintaining good health and how to take simple steps to ensure we stay healthy and vibrant regardless of the demands of business and other obligation. As a naturopathic doctor and the founder/owner of Arizona-based Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics, Dr. Jain specializes in wellness and healthy aging. Not only does he live by his own principles, he also has been a remarkable influence in John’s life, and in the lives of many other professionals.  In this episode, you’ll learn a lot about keeping your business’s most important asset running at its full potential, and that asset is you! Find Show Notes and podcast posted after Saturday morning’s airing… Sign up for podcasts here.

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