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Double Olympiad Tom Dooley talks with host Ric Brutocao on life lessons and learnings


Tom Dooley delivers life lessons and learnings few have the privilege to experience, let alone hear. Host Ric Brutocao brings out these lessons in this episode. As a double Olympiad Dooley earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic team in 1968 in Mexico City and again, in 1972, in Munich, Germany: Two especially historic Olympics, for very different reasons. Racewalking is an endurance sport. Interestingly, the self-discipline, humility, insights and lessons one gains from training for any athletic adventure—especially for elite-level endurance racing—spills over into every aspect of one’s life, even business and work. Few athletes are also good teachers.  Tom Dooley is both great athlete and great teacher, as many of his students will attest. Not only was he a high school history teacher and record-breaking racewalker athlete, he also served for 25 years as National Coach for the Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Team in Training program. Talk about mentoring! Why not learn from the best?! Listen below or by podcast here.

3 thoughts on “Double Olympiad Tom Dooley talks with host Ric Brutocao on life lessons and learnings

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  2. I remember Tom Dooley as a teacher at Cupertino H.S.. He encouraged my running and I didn’t even know he was paying attention. I remember him as kind, reserved and he seemed to be in constant thought. I think he was a great listener which is very hard to master.
    I’ve always liked Mr. Dooley and he is one of the few teachers that cross my thoughts from time to time. I wish he knew that his kind gestures meant a great deal.

    Johnny Lopez

    • Hey Johnny, Thank You so much for your note!! I forwarded it — your email included — to Coach Tom Dooley, so he’ll get your message. He was our team coach for SF Team in Training, and national, founding coach of Team in Training (athletic arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) for 25 years or more. From what you described, he is the exact same and much loved!! WHAT an achiever and inspiration!! Take care and So Glad you listened to the show! Spread the word!!

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