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Failing Your Way to Success and Happiness, with Guest Ken Strottman

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In this episode, The Mentors Radio Host Ric Brutocao talks with Ken Strottman, Chairman and Founder of Strottman International, an innovative toy and branding company that prides itself on being passionate about making toys! In 35+ years the Strottman team has created more than 3.5 BILLION toys for retail and for some of the largest U.S. brands, all with a flawless safety record. Clients include Chevron (remember those adorable Chevron toy cars?!), Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Kroger, Red Robbin, Lowe’s, LeapFrog and many more brands.

So, how did Ken Strottman find his way into the toy business… and into becoming an iconic brand name in creating toys for big brand promotions?

His is a journey that could almost be called failing his way to success… Absolutely inspiring and a living testimony to staying true to your core life principles and perseverance… and a great sense of humor and humility!

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