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Gain Personal Growth by Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Interview with Samuel Lyles, former District Attorney turned Ukraine Relief Volunteer

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Going outside your comfort zone is a key to growth and success in career and life. In this episode of The Mentors Radio, Host Tom Loarie talks with Samuel D. Lyles, a former Texas Assistant District Attorney, a felony prosecutor with special interest in stopping child trafficking, who quit his job to help children and orphans in battle-worn Ukraine. Against the advice of many family members and friends, Lyles flew to the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa as a boots-on-the-ground volunteer in the Ukraine relief efforts. Clips of his journey have been featured on local, San Antonio television and other news outlets. But in today’s interview, you’ll gain a first-hand understanding of what motivated Samuel, what he’s learned, inspiration and insights for your own life and career journey, and how the decision has changed him in ways he could not have imagined.

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  • News Reports & Video Clips:
    • CHANNEL 4 – NEWS4SA— SAN ANTONIO – As Russia’s war on Ukraine enters its sixth month, San Antonio attorney Samuel Lyles is…””I ended up moving to Odessa. I’d meet my team in Kiev. and I’d go to the front lines just east of Kiev and bascially start delivering supplies all down the front lines,” he says. “End up in the Donbas and get home as fast as possible and then refill and do it over again.”…(see news clip)
    • KENS5 – SAN ANTONIO — Samuel Lyles couldn’t stand simply watching the carnage of war unfold in Ukraine without feeling the strong desire to make a positive difference. So he quit his job as a Bexar County felony prosecutor, booked a plane ticket to Poland and… (see news clip)

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