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Guests Kim Christfort & Suzanne Vickberg, PhD with host Tom Loarie – Show Notes

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Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg, Ph.D.


  • Kim Christfort is the national managing director of The Deloitte Greenhouse™ Experience team, which helps executives tackle tough business challenges through immersive, facilitated Lab experiences, and client experience IP such as Business Chemistry. As part of this role, Kim leads US Deloitte Greenhouses, permanent spaces designed to promote exploration and problem solving away from business as usual.
  • Suzanne Vickberg, PhD (aka Dr. Suz) is The Deloitte Greenhouse™ Experience team’s very own social-personality psychologist, which means she studies how people’s thoughts, behaviors and preferences are influenced by both who they are and the situations they’re in. She uses Business Chemistry to help teams explore how the mix of perspectives brought by their individual members influences their work together. Follow her on Twitter @DrSuzBizChem.


  • Pioneers seek possibilities. They spark energy and imagination.
  • Drivers seek challenge. They generate momentum.
  • Guardians seek stability. They bring order and rigor.
  • Integrators seek connection. They bring teams together.


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