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Harry Kraemer Jr on The Mentors Radio show

Harry Kraemer Jr., Northwestern’s Kellog Professor of Leadership and former CEO of Baxter talks about Values-based Leadership with Host Tom Loarie

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Today, Host Tom Loarie talks with guest mentor Harry Kraemer Jr. about leadership. As is often said, you can be a leader from “any seat in the bus,” and in any situation or position—whether at school, at home, at work or in business. Kraemer shows us how.

Harry Kraemer is Northwestern’s Kellogg Professor of Leadership (named a favorite professor by students) and the former Chairman and CEO of Baxter International, where he worked for 23 years. The author of three books on values-based leadership (see Show Notes for the titles), Harry Kraemer’s strength is in his remarkable ability to bring the best out of others; to mentor others to lead well and to ensure they anchor all that they do in the principles that matter most, and in putting people first. Find Show Notes here. Listen below. And sign up for our FREE podcasts—listen on any podcast platform, any time!

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