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Have you ever considered a home-based business?

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A new home-based business is launched every 12 seconds! 70% are successful within the first three years, compared to 30% successful regular businesses within three years of starting. In this episode, Host John Phillips talks with two home-based business owners, Catherine Moran and Kent Mast. These two guests have different circumstances, different motivations, and live in wildly different parts of the country, yet they both work from home in the same business, Hope In a Can. Catherine and Kent deliver candid insights into the challenges and benefits, the pros and cons of a home-based business. They talk about what it takes to be successful. So if you are considering launching a home-based business—perhaps for a second source of income—this episode will give you some additional perspective.  Show Notes hereListen below (will post after first airing on Saturday) or by Free podcast—on ANY device, ANY platform—here.

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