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Ram Charan

Host Tom Loarie talks with global business mentor and best-selling author Ram Charan on reshaping markets and organizations before it’s too late

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In this episode of The Mentors Radio, renowned global consultant and prolific, best-selling author Ram Charan, Ph.D., shares with The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie observations on reshaping markets and organizations before it’s too late. Learn the role of discipline, respect, resilience, credibility and trust. Charan reveals the five blockages to success, how to detect forces reshaping markets ahead of others, the need for ongoing curiosity, wonder and learning, velocity and cash, Sam Walton’s 10-minute exercise, the CEO as emperor and the twin destroyers of ego and narcissism, and the importance of Joint Planning Sessions which as the key to alignment and commitment. Charan predicts that 40 percent of today’s companies will not exist in a meaningful way just 10 years from now. Listeners will also learn some of the influencers in Charan’s life. There is so much packed into this interview-don’t miss it!



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