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Rob Barnett of Rob Barnett Media on The Mentors Radio show

How to Find Success and Happiness in a Job or Career transition, with Guest Mentor Rob Barnett

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In today’s episode, The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie talks with our guest mentor today, Rob Barnett. After a career in broadcasting that included serving as president of radio programing for CBS, Barnett transitioned to become a top executive search professional who has helped many hundreds of individuals find a job they love. His powerful and practical book, Next Job, Best Job, provides a guide for anyone facing a career transition.

Yes, losing your job can be devastating. Nearly everyone has had to go through it at least once in their life, even top CEOs.

It results in a sudden change to your life, your relationships and your identity, and in today’s fast-changing work environment, it can be downright scary. Years ago, we could expect to change jobs three to six times in our life.

Now, young adults can expect not just to change jobs, but to change careers, three to six times, due to the structural changes that are underway now. Not to mention the structural changes over the past 20 years—in cable, in print media, transportation and more, in addition to the changes due and coming as a result of Covid. Our guest mentor today, Rob Barnett, has real-time solutions that have helped everyone with whom he’s worked. These solutions can help you or someone you know, too!

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