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How to Move Forward, No Matter What! Practical Wisdom from Dan Heath and Tom Loarie on THE Mentors Radio

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In today’s show Host Tom Loarie talks with best-selling author and speaker Dan Heath about how we get “stuck” — in business, in life, in relationships — and how to get “unstuck” and moving forward, no matter what. Dan offers real, down-to-earth solutions to help get ourselves out of a rut. He shows us how to solve problems BEFORE they happen so that instead of always putting out “fires” in life, business and even health.. a little at a time. Yes, you can prevent these overwhelming obstacles from happening in the first place… Dan shows you how easy it is to make “moving forward” a habit in your life!

Dan is a a senior fellow at Duke University’s CASE center, which supports social entrepreneurs. He and his brother, Chip, who is a professor at Stanford Grad School of Business, have together co-authored four books that have sold more than three million copies. Not only do his books fly off shelves, Dan is also an extremely popular speaker. Listen to this episode to find out why!

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