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Clint Severson on The Mentors Radio show

How to turnaround a company from bleeding cash to thriving in profits

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Host Tom Loarie talks with guest mentor Clint Severson about the hard-won secrets he learned as he turned around a publicly traded company that was in a death spiral, bleeding cash and failing fast. It was not easy, but he parlayed disaster into a $2 billion acquisition down the road. Clint shares his thought process, how he built a high-performance team in the challenging field of healthcare diagnostics. He focused on company culture and well-crafted compensation programs that transformed the failing company into an empowered team. And he stayed with it for 22 years — nurturing it into a major success story. Abaxis, the company Clint came in as CEO to turn around, was acquired in 2018 for $2 billion by Zoetis.  Hear the inside transformation story first-hand because there are so many nuggets to help YOUR business thrive and grow no matter what… Find Show Notes here. Listen below—which we’ll post after Saturday’s broadcast— or by podcast on any device here.

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