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Achieve Huge Growth and Succession in a Family Business-Host Ric Brutocao Talks with Guest Tim Psomas-#TM037

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If you own or plan to launch a family business, then planning for growth and succession are easy to put off to think about later, in the fury of working the business—nonstop paddling the boat and trimming the sails to get it launched and steady. But taking eyes off the destination, including all that’s needed to ensure safe arrival and sustenance at the destination, is essential to success. The Mentors Radio host Ric Brutocao knows this well. That’s why he talks with Tim Psomas, chairman emeritus of family-founded and run Psomas Engineering Services, one of the top engineering firms in the U.S. In this episode you’ll Psomas talks about keys to successful growth and he talks about problem-solving. Psomas says if you have a problem, ask your competitor. It might sound counter-intuitive and even suicidal for a company to do this, but Psomas reveals why it can work and why it can even be a smart thing to do. Excellent show…Enjoy!

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