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Jay Elliot: Steve Jobs’ mentor and friend, and why Steve hired him almost immediately after they met

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Today, Host Tom Loarie talks with guest mentor Jay Elliot, a man of exceptional integrity and good character—as are all our guests–and an author, serial entrepreneur and former Apple Executive Vice-President. Jay has more than 40 years operations experience with such corporate giants as IBM, Intel and Apple. Today, Jay is the Founder and CEO of TigoHealth, Inc., a medical apps software company empowering patients with mobile access to care, services and health data. As if that weren’t interesting enough, years ago Jay, an experienced operating executive from Intel, met Steve Jobs in the reception area of a restaurant. At the time, Steve needed someone with extensive operating experience and he struck up a conversation with Jay… one that would lead to a lifelong friendship and collaboration. Within weeks, Steve hired Jay to join Apple and serve as his right-hand man while at Apple and which continued as a mentor for many more years until Jobs’ death in 2011. Find Show Notes here and listen to the podcast below or on ANY podcast platform here.

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