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Learn how the Top 0.001% invest and why it’s useful to know in building a business, with Guest Salvatore Buscemi

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In today’s episode, The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie talks with Guest Mentor Salvatore Buscemi about how the top 0.001%—the wealthiest of the wealthy—invest their dollars, preserve their wealth and what they care about. You’ll also learn why that is useful information for any entrepreneur to know, and how to tap into this resource for your own ventures. Buscemi is the CEO and co-founder of Dandrew Partners, a private family investment firm, and he’s been working closely with these investors for years, ultimately authoring several books on the topic, including his latest book, Investing Legacy: How the .001% Invest.

Host Tom Loarie, has spent the past 45 years building healthcare companies from the ground up, and working with some of these unique investors along the way, so this is an exceptionally fascinating, insider conversation!

Creating a vision, building strong teams, developing plans and budgets to support precision execution in business are keys to success, but nothing can be achieved without capital, which makes this episode and interview exceptionally useful information for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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