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Safi Bahcall

“LOONSHOTS” Author Safi Bahcall Inspires and Mentors Entrepreneurs on The Mentors Radio, with Host Tom Loarie

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In this episode, “LOONSHOTS” author Safi Bahcall—a second-generation physicist, bio-tech entrepreneur, and former public company CEO—absolutely inspires entrepreneurs as he talks with Host Tom Loarie. Safi is known widely beyond the world of biotech as the author of LOONSHOTS, which was the #1 most recommended book of the year in 2019, has been translated into 18 languages, and has since sold more than 250,000 copies…Find out why the subtitle of his book is ““Nurture the CRAZY IDEAS that win wars, cure diseases, and transform industries,” how he ended up creating the company Synta, his Five Rules of LOONSHOTS, and how all of his learning can be directly applied to your business, your ideas, your situation and put YOU on a path to achieve breakthrough results.

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