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Madelyn Mackie on The Mentors Radio show

Madelyn Mackie: Finding and Living a Career that Works for YOU

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Shouldn’t your career have as much meaning, purpose and happiness as the rest of your life? We go through different needs and changes in our life, and our career is no different, regardless of our profession or line of work. Madelyn Mackie has a remarkable ability to communicate complex information clearly and in an entertaining, engaging manner. She’s one of the most selfless individuals you’ll ever find, a person who knows that life rewards those who put others first. In her career work, Madelyn serves individuals as well as VIP clients such as Twitter, Chevron, Novartis, the Oakland Raiders, Blue Shield of California and more, she is often quoted in career-related magazines and is a sought-after national speaker and resume writer. She’s also worked for years with Tony award-winning theaters, which has played an important role in reaching others. Find Show Notes here. Listen to Episode below. Sign up for FREE podcasts-on any device-here.


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