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Three remarkable CEOs challenge your thinking about life and work

Megan Metcalfe talks about how Stage 3 cancer in high school led her to find greater purpose, happiness and satisfaction in life and work

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How do you find happiness amid pain and chaos? Megan Metcalfe, a vibrant young sales and development professional, has some answers. She should know.  Just 10 years ago she was struck down with Stage 3 cancer, lymphoma, during her junior year of high school. It turned her life upside down. But that life-threatening journey of ups and downs made her strong and wise beyond her years, and she continues to apply the lessons she’s learned—lessons she will share with us—to her daily life and professional career.  Once we recognize that limited time is remaining, Megan says, we are less driven by ego or by what other people think of us. Instead, we are driven by what our hearts really want. It frees us to abandon fear and to instead find greater purpose and satisfaction in the time we have remaining.  Find Show Notes here.  Listen to radio podcast below or sign up for podcasts – any platform or device!

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