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Nasty Blowout Doesn’t Stop The Mentors Radio Host Mission of Mercy, Thanks to Two Texan Good Samaritans

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TEXAS—Two Texan Good Samaritans stopped to help The Mentors Radio Host John Phillips and crew get back on the road to help Harvey victims. Phillips’ mission of mercy to deliver supplies to Harvey victims was at a standstill; his 40’ trailer and truck waylaid on the side of the highway thanks to a nasty blowout soon after they’d crossed the Texas state line. Big rigs zoomed past every ten minutes or so. Nothing they could do.

Phillips is not only one of the rotating CEO hosts on The Mentors Radio Show but also the founder, with his wife Mary, of Associated Crafts Willet Hauser — one of the largest legacy stained glass companies in the U.S.. But stuck in the middle of a long stretch of Texas highway, none of that mattered.

It was just yesterday morning that Phillips and his local crew decided to drop everything and load his 40-foot, four-horse plus living area trailer with essential supplies such as water, diapers, new clothes and more.

By yesterday evening Phillips and Dom Sargiotto, president of All American Security Alarms in Gilbert, AZ, left Arizona to drive overnight to Montgomery, Texas.  Sixteen long hours, plus extra to catch some sleep along the way after midnight.

The blowout occurred mid-morning today.

“Thank God for the graciousness of strangers!” posts Phillips. “These two gentlemen helped us get back on the road after a tire was destroyed and off to a service station. They helped us change to our spare, asking for nothing in return, knowing we are there to do what we can to assist their fellow Texans affected by Harvey. Soon we’ll have the #helpforhouston truck moving again thanks to their help.


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